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Events - 15 Feb 2024

Print Techniques – Spot Varnish

A spot varnish is a varnish that is applied on a portion of the page only. Glossy or matt, smooth or textured, spot varnish can be used to draw attention to part of the design, or as an independent design element. Spot varnish is about contrast, about highlighting “spot” design or content elements. Spot varnish will emphasize colour and make photographs pop.

• Print with UV varnish-compatible inks, then overprint with a UV varnish. Standard inks (some Pantones in particular) can be chemically attacked by UV varnish.
• You can use spot varnish for tone-on-tone design. This works particularly well with papers such as SKIN Curious Collection.
• To obtain a strong gloss effect, we recommend applying first a matt UV varnish as a base layer, then overprinting with a gloss UV varnish, using a screen process. For surface-treated papers, you can proceed directly with UV Varnish, with screen printing.
• Use spot varnish to help protect your print job against marks and fingerprints and improve light fastness as well as ink rub.
• Do not use varnish all over a creative paper, or you will lose its touch.
• Do not apply spot varnish to fine detail or fine type, especially if this has to register with printed elements.