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Print - 5 Dec 2023

Print Techniques – Die Cut


  • Ideally use heavier weight paper
  • Die-cut on colored paper instead of paper with printed color, as the white edge will show.
  • Do not use die-cut for extremely precise and complex designs (ex: a lace pattern, where laser-cut is recommended).
  • Most of the Antalis Creative Papers, like Conqueror, Keaykolour can be cut without any issues.
  • Tracing papers are very dense and trickier to die cut, so the cutting tools must be sharp.
  • Use good quality paper, because it will be more likely to cut cleanly, rather than tearing.
  • Use richly textured paper. Die-cut on a creative paper brings out the paper’s texture, touch, color, and character as the cut highlights the paper and vice-versa.
  • Keep your paper perfectly flat. Protect it after printing so it does not warp before cutting.
  • Keep plenty of bleed, to allow for less-than-perfect registration
  • Keep a 5mm safety margin between your cuts and your edges, to prevent any risk of tearing.