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News - 4 Mar 2022

Singapore Inkjet Infotech Joins KPP-Antalis

KPP-Antalis is excited to announce that Singapore Inkjet Infotech (SII)  has joined our Singapore operations.

KPP-Antalis is a distribution and trading business, traditionally focused on the Print and Packaging sectors across ASEAN and South Asia. Our business is evolving, to align with our global presence and business portfolio.

SII operates as a trusted supplier of wide format media, inks and hardware. The amalgamation of our two businesses will provide opportunities for growth for our Singapore business, and we are excited about the new products this will deliver to the SII customer base, and to the KPP-Antalis customer base. We all look forward to delivering even greater value to our collective customers in the Print and Sign & Display markets.

Our drive is to deliver a positive experience as we build our collective offering and bring our complete portfolio together. We strive to deliver value-added and innovative solutions together with our suppliers and customers.